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Long Distant Care

Caregiving from a Distance Caring for a family member from miles away is a fact of life for many of us. According to the National Caregiver Survey by the Alliance for Caregiving, more than 34 million Americans are caregivers for an older family member — and out that number, an estimated 15% live one or […]


Is It the Blues or Is It Depression?

Unfortunately, it’s common to have feelings of sadness, grief, or loneliness. Although these feelings are unwanted, and often times take a toll on us physically and mentally, we know that they will pass. These are emotions that all people feel at different times in their lives. Having the blues may feel overwhelming, but we know […]

Health & Wellness

Stay hydrated – stay healthy

Stay hydrated — stay healthy. Staying hydrated is essential to good health. More than sixty percent of the human body is comprised of water. Fluids flush bacteria from your bladder and carry nutrients to your cells. The bottom line, we need to drink water to stay healthy. It sounds so simple, but not so, especially […]

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Maintain your brain as you age

Maintain your brain as you age Everyone’s brain changes as they age. Since our cognitive functions peak at age 30, it’s important to do all we can to keep our brains fit as we age. Like our bodies, there are things we can do to combat changes cognitive decline. Research suggests that good nutrition combined […]

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Tips for visiting a person with Alzheimer’s

Visiting Someone with Alzheimer’s When a friend or loved one has Alzheimer’s, it can be a challenge to figure out what to do and what to say when visiting. You have to re-establish how you’re going to interact and communicate with them. Typically our first instinct is to attempt to bring them back to reality, […]

Learning & Tips

How skilled nursing care has changed

How has skilled nursing changed? Like most things, skilled nursing has evolved through the last several decades. While old style nursing homes focused on daily care of the elderly, skilled nursing has a different role: to provide rehabilitation services that get injured, sick, or disabled people back on their feet. A focus on rehabilitation After […]

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Staying active and exercising as you age

Staying active and exercising as you age. Staying active and exercising can benefit anyone at any age. However, as you age, staying active becomes even more important. Regular exercise contributes to overall well-being, helps you maintain an independent lifestyle and can impact your health in a big way. Here are just a few ways staying […]

Active Aging, Health & Wellness

Ways to create a lasting legacy

Everyone wants to be remembered. For some, this might be the driving force that leads to extraordinary achievements or history-making contributions. But for most, it’s what pushes us to leave a legacy—to pass on knowledge, share memorable stories and favorite family recipes or give away treasured family heirlooms. Putting life in order is a challenging, […]

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